Um....Jan?    Um...Mike?

At the beginning of this journey,  I asked you all for your well wishes and prayers.     Man!   You all have really good connection to the Big Guy!      GOD is in control and has blessed in countless ways.      We kinda were thinking that the journey was going to have to be rescheduled  due to all the normal reason; back ordered parts, a 2 week backlog of work at the service shop etc.   Nope!    Not this time!    MR.MOJO RISING!   I got on the horn (phone for land lubbers) and by 8:30 in AM,  parts suppliers from across the country have come to our aide!   Even changing over production lines to help us!    As of right now,  ALL parts needed to fix up "Simple Pleasure" are en route!   Progressive Insurance has already signed off with the service shop to handle the "$13,XXX" repair.    And with any luck, we'll be on our way delayed only 1 day!??!      Amazing Yes,  but that's only the beginning......

With the boat matters seeming in control,  Thanks Nick and George from American Marine,   the group decided to tour the downtown Dubuque, thanks to a hand drawn map given to us by the hostess in the hotel breakfast lounge.  (oh yeah,  we somehow all got free full breakfast upgrades for anything on the menu?)   So map in hand we all put on our tennis shoes prepared to hoof it 2 miles, over the bridge into town and see what kind of trouble we could get into.    We were just steps away from crossing the bridge over the river when a silver sedan sped in to a screeching stop and started honking at us.    We stopped,  thinking it was someone back at the Marina service dept. that needed something.    Instead, a stately looking man steps out and says... "Jan?   Jan Barrett?"     Jan looked at him and says  "Mike....Mike Wilson?    I thought you and Glenda lived in Cedar Rapids?    What are you doing here?"     He said he was headed down to his slip here at the Marina to do some clean up and fueling on his boat, when he caught a glimpse of a co-worker.    Yep.   Jan and Mike work for the same company selling logo'd ANYTHING and normally see each other at work related meetings/events.     Call it fate, luck, or what you will.    Our day took a turn for better when "Commodore Mike Wilson"  asked if we'd like a bevy back on his boat.    Next thing you know,  Glenda his wife joins us on the dock and we all head out "FOR THE DAY" getting a guided tour of the city from the river!   It was a "Peaches and Cream" kinda day.    I ask you,  how can "each day" of this journey so far be "the best?"     It truly has been,  and "we here" are blessed by "each of you. "     Fingers crossed,  Thursday we will resume the journey south on "our" boat!

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    Joe O'Hara (Wednesday, 13 July 2016 21:35)

    What a great day !!