Houston..We may have a problem

Peter:   We were all up with the sun this morning.   Our decision to bed down in Lansing meant we had a long run to Dubuque Iowa.   3 Locks and and Dams 9-10-11.     With the sunrise we all walked into town at approx. 6:15 to Nutmeg's Bakery for some nummys :)     Please note the euphoric look on the ladies faces after tasting small town goodness hot and fresh out of the oven!      The crew and captain shipped out by 7:30 and we sailed thru the first two L and D's.    Boat Yoga was attempted on the bow while Sue ran the boat.      Beautiful weather, scenery and company.   Ran the drone again for some action shots of the boat in motion!    But as the river is unpredictable,  we were stopped just 12 miles north of our destination by what we figure was a submerged marker pulled down by some debris within the channel.     Our now well oiled and salted crew did everything to perfection as we had to limp it in on one motor and crippled prop.    We have had many heard prayers and what we have come to call BOAT ANGELS on side so far!    American Marine was standing by as we pulled in and plucked us from the water and surveyed the damage.    With luck and prayers always welcomed,   we may be able to resume down river with just 1 days delay.       

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    Dara Mann (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 11:56)

    Peter! O Noooooo!
    Those props look aweful! Praying this is your only bump in the road......I mean water.
    Find a good pork joint in DeBuque. Gotta be one.

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    Cindy Bisek (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 15:20)

    I told you to pack your "Dammit Doll"! Fingered crossed for ya'll!

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    Angie Halama (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 18:47)


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    Ellie the princess Halama (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 18:54)

    "More pictures and movies of my Nana please"!

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    Joe O'Hara (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 20:59)

    Ouch, these things happen in three's...... Impellers, props,and ?