T-minus 24 hours and counting

It's time to pack up the car and head to the boat today.    I've gathered my stuff including video and audio gear to capture the events of the trip including shooting a new "Cooking for Dads" boating episode for Rob Barret's web channel.    Special thanks to Michele for handling the grocery shopping for us all on week 1.    Lots of fresh veggies, eggs, coffee, deli meats and did I say coffee.  It was requested "good" coffee by someone and we happen to have a new member of the Red Wing family who is a roaster and brought us some of his special stash?!      Maybe coffee, some spices, and a few pieces of junk jewelry and we can barter a trade for some island.    Not looking forward to Good-byes though.    Guess I wear dark sunglasses...  Bon Voyage in T-Minus 24-23-22-21.....    

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